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They say it takes unshakable determination to run your own business successfully. Well then, I guess my entire life prepared me for the moment I’d take the leap to become a full-time Oahu wedding and portrait photographer in 2021!

The choir kid who barely finished her first 5k became the proud owner of a 26.2 sticker. The intern whose Russian contact hadn’t found the necessary 20 hours to justify a three-month stay became a busy teacher, therapist, and performer who’d DIYed together a 50-hour work week all in a foreign language. The bride who woke up to COVID shutdowns, a snowstorm, and a freaking earthquake the morning of her wedding became the wife who can look back on the day her marriage began and laugh at how something so beautiful began with such insanity. Life has taught me that if you’re willing to work hard and get creative, you’re unstoppable. 

So when COVID struck, changing our lives forever, my husband and I decided to treat it as an opportunity to build the life of our dreams…

One little question transformed an average 2020 mid-week hometown hike into a memory I’ll never forget: “Wouldn’t it be funny if we just moved? To, like, Hawaii?”

It was only ever meant to be a joke! We laughed it off immediately, but for some reason, it started to feel less and less like a joke with each passing day. The transition to fully remote work that defined the year for so many people meant my husband, Ian, had officially joined me in the work-from-home life. And while Utah was the place I’d always considered home, the freedom to work anywhere suddenly made anything feel possible, even a move across the Pacific.

Everyone thought the idea was more than a little crazy, but you’re talking to a girl who ran her first marathon with the stomach flu! If it sounds crazy, it’s probably got my name written all over it.

So in October 2021, we sold or donated most of our belongings and hopped on a plane with everything we still owned in just five suitcases—one dedicated entirely to our ever-growing game collection, if that tells you anything about our priorities. While moving four time zones away from our family was hard, it didn’t take us long to feel right at home in Oahu, thanks to the Hawaiian “ohana” that welcomed us with open arms. And here, we’ve joyfully embraced a simpler way of life that invites us to celebrate experiences over stuff.

We immersed ourselves in the local culture, gaining immense respect for the unique traditions all around us. We crisscrossed Oahu searching for the most magnificent views, waterfalls, and beaches. 

a joke

it all started with

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And best of all, we filled our home with photos of the remarkable adventures we experienced each day.

Today, as an Oahu wedding and portrait photographer who often spends five or more days a week behind the camera, I invite travelers from around the world to step into the mindblowing adventure we’ve been living together for the last several years. To incorporate everything Hawaii has to offer—from the breathtaking tropical flowers to the awestriking ocean views—into celebrations and sessions that could only have been captured on this magical little island we’ve come to call home.

In between photoshoots and weddings, you’ll probably find me curled up for yet another re-read of Crime and Punishment (studying Russian in college will do that to you!), playing Azul during a game night with my husband and our local friends-turned-family, or snorkeling, swimming or kayaking at my favorite local beaches. 

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my philosophy

Galleries are only as beautiful as the experiences that created them. 

Sure, you could buy a selfie stick at the ABC store to capture the island bliss, but I’ve intentionally crafted an experience that provides so much more. An experience that draws out genuine laughter, tender romance, and interactions that feel just so “you.”

Playful prompts and natural movement ease any pressure to be “picture perfect,” and my simplistic, true-to-life editing style captures your genuine connection with authenticity. Return home from your once-in-a-lifetime adventure with a gallery that invites you to step back in time and relive it all again and again and again.

“HANNAH WAS THE DREAM PHOTOGRAPHER! She had amazing communication, and I loved that we got to chat beforehand to go over ideas and the vibe I was looking for. We also have a special needs son, and Hannah was amazing at supporting his needs, being patient, and letting him warm up.”

— Abbi P., 2022 client —

"NOT ONLY IS HER WORK INCREDIBLE, BUT SHE IS AN ABSOLUTE SWEETHEART. Hannah Beal Photography is an amazing vacation investment! She made my husband and I feel so comfortable and beautiful. Before we made our trip to Hawaii, she made sure to schedule a Zoom meet and greet to just get to know us not as just her clients but as individuals. She truly is amazing at what she does, and we are so happy we booked with her.”

— Shouna V., 2022 client —


telling your unique story through photographs that are as authentic as you are.

bright, joyful, authentic.

From Mario Cart to Settlers of Catan, you will find a full collection of games at our house! We can never get enough game time with our friends and family!


 I had no idea how much I loved the ocean until I moved here! After just 2 years on the island, the ocean has become my place for healing, peace and rest. And of course, we like to play there too!

the ocean

Even though we already live in a travelers paradise, we still love to visit new places and try new things! In the next 12 months we plan to visit 7 new countries and two new states!


Whether on a plane or on the beach, I love spending my spare time reading books. Some of my recent favorites include Crime & Punishment, 7 ⅕ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle & The Art of Possibility.


Having known eachother since high school, Ian & I finally fell in love in 2019 and got married 18 months later! Ian is the most kind, patient and supportive person I know, and I feel so lucky to have him!

my husband

 As first time dog owners, this puppy instantly stole our hearts. We are so glad to be a family of three now and we love our outdoor adventures together.

our dog, howie

Although I am no longer a full time music educator, I still love teaching music. I currently lead the children's and adult choirs at my church and substitute teach every so often.


favorite things

a few of my



— Hannah F., 2022 client —

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Whether the love of your life got down on one knee last week or you’re preparing to celebrate your 20th anniversary with a tropical family vacation, you’re planning the Hawaiian adventure of a lifetime! Let’s preserve it all through an effortless, fun-filled photography experience you’ll treasure as much as your final gallery.

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